What are goblins afraid of

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Land of the Goblins is the fourth and penultimate quest in the Dorgeshuun quest series. ... or "I ain't afraid of no ghost!", both a reference to the movie Ghostbusters.

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Goblin - PathfinderWiki A goblin is a short, emaciated-seeming goblinoid, about the size of a halfling. They tend to be around three feet tall with large, flat heads and long ears.

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Indiana Jones has a phobia about snakes. What is a phobia?What is a phobia? It’s an extreme or unreasonable fear of something. About one in ten people have some kind of phobia.

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I am a girl who was afraid and literally screaming while watching Conjuring2.. While all others in the theatre were making fun of the ghost. But I am not afraid of ghosts. Ghost is just a paranormal creature which no one has seen but yet some have witnessed their presence. More than a ghost I fear people..

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